Diamond custom lapel pins Rs 1
Location: Port Blair - Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Date Posted: 23 Junio
Diamond Custom Lapel Pins are produced by pin manufacturers GS-JJ. The name of the Diamond refers to its shape. This Custom enamel pins have six sides and two trapezoids combined to form the shape of a Diamond. This unique shape allows the bow button to touch the positioning hole with a small surface area to prevent movement in one direction. Diamond Custom Lapel Pins are 0.65" Hard enamel pins with silver finish.

Don't you know when and where to wear Diamond Custom Lapel Pins? Check out our website for more details on how to use Custom enamel pins and how to craft them. Please comment below or contact our experts or staff. Custom Lapel Pins Small Order is OK.

Custom Pins Size: 0.65"

Thickness: 1.2mm

Style: Hard enamel pins

Finish: Silver finish

Attachments: Butterfly clutch

Packaging: Individual Polybag
Advertiser: Particular
Price: Rs 1
lapel pins
lapel pins

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